Month: March 2018
pc upgrade

Upgrading PC components – What to look for?

In the life of each person there is such a time when the pages in the browser start to load longer than usual, the video when watching periodically slows down and stutters, and the games cease to please a good picture or do not start at all. For those whose profession is closely connected with the PC, and the results of the work directly depend on its performance, they feel it more sharply, due to the fact that specialized programs are most demanding on PC resources.

logitech g560-pc-gaming-speakers

Logitech Releases New G560 Speaker

I will not tire of repeating that most modern products for your computer are created with an emphasis on the sensations of use. Nobody says that the quality or characteristics suffer, but you need to understand that the same Logitech G560 speakers differ from most competitors solely with their backlight. It seems like a trifle, and backlighting can get a lot of other ways, but the manufacturer did everything as wisely as possible and users fell in love with the product even before it hit the shelves of retail stores.