Edifier Studio R1700BT is one of the few on the market of desktop speakers with wireless connectivity and a remote control kit. In addition, there is an excellent design, excellent build quality, plus a very good sound combining. All this will be discussed later.

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers


The Edifier Studio R1700BT includes, in addition to the device itself, also a remote control, a 4-core cable about 3 meters long for connecting the speakers to each other, and a 2 RCA-mini-jack cable plus a 3.5 mm / 2 RCA. But since the editorial staff did not visit the commercial version of the product, but a well-developed, but nevertheless engineering sample, I do not rule out the possibility that the bundle could be incomplete. But even so, there is something to attract attention to.

Edifier Studio R1700BT has proven itself well on the solutions of previous generations, and therefore it’s completely unusual that the manufacturer “beat” it on this novelty. Looks really demanding, and certainly more expensive than its $ 100 estimated cost.

The design of the front panels of both the active speaker and the passive one is strictly the same: tweeter, subwoofer, as well as a bass reflex hole plus the manufacturer’s logo. All this initially “hides” behind the plastic grille, covered in turn, with a thin cloth. This, if I may say so, the “shutter” here is more for a decorative purpose, although it also performs certain protective functions.

Looking at the back panel of the active speaker, it’s easy to see here a small switching panel. It, in turn, is equipped with two pairs of RCA input connectors, for connecting different audio sources, as well as a socket for pairing with a passive speaker, and, of course, a lot of different technical marks, including marking. In addition to all of the above, there is also a power switch, and a cord for connecting to the mains is also disconnected.

Wireless connection

In general, strictly speaking, Studio R1700BT can simultaneously be connected to three sound sources, one of which will be wireless. Switching is convenient by means of the console mentioned above. Adjusting the sound, however, also.

Wireless pairing is performed as follows. Initially, the sound source (tablet, smartphone, etc.) activates the Bluetooth module in the search mode. After that, you should press and hold the corresponding button on the remote control until a familiar name appears on the output line. In general, the entire procedure is a matter of one or two minutes.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Edifier Studio R1700BT does not disappoint even the demanding user – excellent bass, excellent saturation, both in audio playback and video, no distortion at maximum volume plus omnivorous sound sources.

Summarizing, it is worth noting the following. Undoubtedly, Edifier Studio R1700BT should be recommended for purchase to users looking for really high-quality acoustics for a home or a small office. In this device there is no compromise between appearance, assembly and sound quality – all this is put on one high level. Summing up all that was said, as well as a quite adequate price tag, the Studio R1700BT fully justifies our highest estimate.


  • Design and build level of the shell / high-quality materials;
  • Output of the bass reflex and use of bi-amping;
  • Remote control and the ability to wirelessly connect the sound source;
  • Quality sound regardless of the source


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