I will not tire of repeating that most modern products for your computer are created with an emphasis on the sensations of use. Nobody says that the quality or characteristics suffer, but you need to understand that the same Logitech G560 speakers differ from most competitors solely with their backlight. It seems like a trifle, and backlighting can get a lot of other ways, but the manufacturer did everything as wisely as possible and users fell in love with the product even before it hit the shelves of retail stores.

Today I will tell you all the interesting about this novelty, so you understand why the product is so interesting and why it can be bought for home use. And, of course, do not think that this is an exclusively gaming device – the Logitech G560 is suitable for all usage scenarios, from movies to serials.

Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker


Despite the fact that the columns stand out exclusively on the market with their illumination, the manufacturer tried and raised the sound quality to a decent level. The sound here is presented in 2.1-channel form, that is, there is also a subwoofer in the set, the total power reaches 120 watts. For home use, even in a spacious room, this is more than enough – to include speakers at full capacity you will rarely. If you buy them for games or watching movies, even half of this capacity will be enough for comfortable use. The frequency range is stated at 40-18000 Hz, which is quite interesting. Usually manufacturers say about unreal frequencies, which the ears of a person can not distinguish with banal, here the manufacturer decided not to correct and called the real frequencies. It pleases, of course.


In addition to lighting, the speakers look pretty attractive. The radiator itself, of course, has a round shape, but the case of the column resembles a drop littered on its side. The design looks very interesting and much more attractive than the usual “thumbs”. Plus, the device takes up a minimum of space on the desktop, which is also quite nice. On the top of the right column we have a volume switch and a power button, they are slightly recessed into the case, because of which accidentally the buttons do not click. On the front side there is a company logo, on the side panel the name of the model is engraved. In general, in terms of appearance, this is a chic option.


The main feature of the product is the backlight Lightsync, which will be synchronized with your computer. This is an analogue of the backlight for TVs, which was not able to achieve popularity. You put the speakers on the table near the monitor and the backlight will visually expand the monitor’s picture, illuminating the wall behind it. It looks pretty nice and stylish, plus, it’s just an addition to the columns that sound so good and look. Plus, you can connect the device to play music via Bluetooth, whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop.

The result

logitech g560
The cost of this kit of two speakers and a subwoofer is $ 200. This is a fairly high price for conventional speakers, even with 2.1-channel audio, so it took a decent amount of money from the backlight and wireless connection. You only need to decide whether you need a product for such money with such a set of functions. The sound here is not bad, but, of course, if you remove the highlight, you will not get anything surprising. Yes, and for $ 200 you can buy a lot of options with steeper characteristics, although there is already no such beauty.